I am so close to 8000 sales in Envato


Oh I am so Happy. Cause Envato gives me freedom of creating and not only as my main job, but also move freely in life.
Wherever I go, envato is with me on the internet, I can capture photo, video or make music If I am at home, or capturing sound fx and added them. This is lovely, you dont have to talk about money to anyone, you dont know who are the customers, Specially If you dont know anything about trade like me and dont like to talk about money.
I am living in Turkey, so my earning makes me sooo free cause Dollar is too much money as a turkish money. But of course If you live in Thailand, you are rich!:slight_smile:
Thank you so much Envato. You change my life, and also most of my friends life. I introduce to 8 people of my friends, and they are now earning their money from envato and they feel more energy in normal life because of creativity.


Yes, is awesome when you can pay the bills doing what you love. Congrats!


Congrats! Great words :slight_smile: Good Luck!


That’s awesome when you have it all! Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Wow! Cool!


Great achievement!


Way to stay in the game!!!


Awesome testimonial. I am glad everything is going well for you.


Congrats :wink:


Awesome, nice achievement! The kind of stories we like to read about here, full of positive vibe!
More sales to you! :thumbsup:


Was beautiful to read your post! I wish you many more sales and congratulation for your achievements so far!


Thanks my friends. Yes we are more than friends. We are in the same family named Envato :slight_smile: Wish you all best sales and Have fun with creativity. This is not a job only for me, and I know fro you too, this is a passion of living, dreaming in daytime, creating yourself everyday.I know Life is like a river, but we are already be in the ocean of creation, creating something really makes you alive and live exactly at that Moment. Time is not important anymore…


This is really awesome Okan! My Congratulations! :wink:


Accept my warm congrats. You have done a great job. lol


It is excellent! Congrats!


Thank you so much for sharing your positive feedbacks. I know we all feel the same way how we are happy and lucky to have this job, specially in these days ( I mean economic problem on the world) . I am sure this is more important who lives mostly in poor countries like me. I lived many years in obligations, but now I am free since 5 years I started to work with envato, be a part of this family. How wonderful that noone orders you something in your life, you are just doing whatever you want, creating what you feel that day. :)))) This is privilage.


At Last, I am now today in 8000 sales:))))


Congrats!!! ; -)


Congratulations now!! :slight_smile: