Envato make me happy!!!


Hello to everyone!) After 5 month of hard working at audiojungle I earned more than 1000 $ p/ month! :muscle:
I decided to focus on my AudioJungle project as my main job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks Envato for this opportunity, thanks all reviewers, all Envato team members, all customers and community members!
I am very proud to be part of Envato family! Audiojungle is the best music adventure in my life! Dreams really come true! :champagne::sunglasses:


Wow! Congratulations!!! :tada::clap::gift::notes::beers: That’s really good! Wish I could do half of that!


Thanks, mate! :v:
I belive you can do it!)


Congrats! :slight_smile:




Thank you!)


Thanks you so much!)


Great LuckyBlackCat…Congrats…!!! :slight_smile::guitar::notes::notes:


Thank you, friend!) :v: