I want to share my achievements and to sum up the year!


Hello everyone! I’m on Audiojungle more than a year, but actively joined this year alone. As the target set to make 100 items in various styles. And I almost succeeded! I had a hard time, but thanks to the participants of this forum and the support of friends musicians!

I’ve been doing freelance and music. I worked as an engineer and programmer has not yet learned about Envato. World of Envato turned my idea of ​​the perfect job and now I’m full-time. I was always interested in music and everything connected with it. I started playing the guitar since 13 years and compose my first music. Later I learned keyboards and recording process on the computer. I enjoy this process so much and now I can make money :slight_smile:

While sales at me not big, I put all the new and new goals and say to myself, “Do it, you can do it!” :slight_smile:

Thank You Envato! Thank You All! Happy New Year!


Wow thats great. You are lucky that u are doing what u love. Good luck for more success :slight_smile:


Sounds inspiring:) Wish you good luck and more sales in the new year. Best regards from New Life:):slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Good luck to you too!


Thank you!)