Yeah! Finaly I Got 1111 Sales and 1 Year on Envato Market!

Hi friends!
I’m extremely happy about this!
I’m very glad that I opened the whole world for myself by finding Envato Market! Working here, I found many new friends and partners around the world.
Since youth, I have been engaged in music and have always looked for the opportunity to become a professional musician. Envato turned dreams into reality! :blush:
Today I got my 1111 sale! It’s hard to believe, but with my help there were more than a thousand new videos, projects, presentations or something else! Often I can not find the result :frowning:
Every day I see how this market is growing! How many new happy customers and new authors with their cool ideas. :metal:

Thank you all and good luck!:sunglasses:


Congrats mate! :+1:t2:
I’m so amazed that I have no words))
How did you manage to make over 1000 sales in just a year?:scream_cat:
Do you have some kind of strategy or you just a Superman?)))

P.S. Don’t forget to celebrate this great achievement :beers:

Great News! Congratulations and Cheers :smile: :raised_hands::notes::tada:

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Thank you so much!
I work really hard on my sound and I always try to communicate with buyers. Ask them why did they choose my item and how did they found them. So I try to see whole situation from buyers side. Why should I buy my item and where can I use it?

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Well done, don’t stop, @RocknStock!

Well done!!!

Congratulations! Your music is great by the way :slight_smile: