3 years of work on the market and continuous loading of 10-15 tracks per month. Almost 200 tracks in the portfolio And this is what I got this month …

Is this really the end ??? Thank you so much, Envato Team!


it’s not about Envato. Things always change. Market changes.
It’s about the people who want to buy your stuff.

Envato displays them only in a website :slightly_smiling_face:
You are a hard working guy, that makes still 1.5 Dollars out of each of his tracks (200 tracks -> 300 USD pay).

I have 90 tracks and make 30 usd / mo :slight_smile:
I agree, soon I will start uploading a lot of stuff, constantly, and royalties will increase for sure.
Any work has his pay back.

Also try to be dynamic, like the market is. Always look for what is new, what is most sellable,
do your best. Don’t feel sorry. Appreciate the 300 USD you get at the end of the month,
not the 600 you don’t :slight_smile:

With the right positive attitude you can grow more your portfolio, see what’s sellable,
what’s needed on the market, study study study, make your homework on this too,
and start creating some tracks, in your own style, for what is needed.

Just a short encouragement for a fellow AJ :slight_smile:


don’t give up man, this is the sad truth, we are all swimming in it!
better hopefully times will come! maybe worst too, so find your own path, and don’t give up


Friend, Thank you very much for your support! Sometimes i give up and do not want continue to do anything. But still it makes sense to continue to develop.


I’ve seen hundreds of succesful stories of Envato Elite that at the beginning or in their middle period of time they encounter times as you do.

But work work work, succes does not come sometimes as we want, quick and thick in money. Sometimes it’s just one more month, or one more year until the dreamed income kicks in. Keep up the good work mate, there are hundreds of people that went through your story. cheers !

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Friend, Thanks so much for supporting ! your words motivate me to work and develop further!