Tv Broadcast use

Hello I would like to register to unlimited plan for 29 dollars/ months - Does this plan include the licencing (I am interest in a template after effect) ?

Does the licence include USA television broadcast for my client ? (documentary purpose)

Thanks for the help

The license is fine for most uses, including tv broadcast, but unfortunately there are no After Effects templates currently on Envato Elements.

The majority of content would be classed as items you’d normally find on GraphicRiver and Photodune. So, images, graphics, print templates, fonts etc. If that changes, I’m sure an announcement will be made.

This one says its a template after effect ? is it not one

Thanks so much for the help

Yes, but that’s an item on VideoHive, one of the Envato Marketplaces… which is available to license as a stand-alone, single item. It isn’t included in Envato Elements, which is the subscription service.

So if i understant the 29 dollars monthly dosnt include it, ok Its fine i can add it and still ne a membership - But a last question does this item as the same licensing rights as all yours products ? And can it be use for tv broadcast ? Thanks

There are exceptions, but most licenses are either regular or extended… and generally, if the end user has to pay to see, use, watch or access the end product that you’ve created with the marketplace item… then you’ll need an extended license. If they don’t, then a regular license should be fine.

So in your example, if it’s a free to view channel, regular should be fine. If it’s HBO or something like that, you’d need an extended license.

Double check for each item though (it will say in the top right near the price on the item page) as there are other licenses for other categories… multiple use, tools etc.

Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the help