Tutorial about Woffice + Learndash

I just bougth Woffice, and i have a lot of questions about this… but instead of make you get bore, please… could you write down a link on a Woffice tutorial?

In spanish will be awesome if not… english is perfect.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

I didn’t see that they are providing tutorial about their theme. You can read their documentation carefully may be there is lot of information about that theme.

This is your item support

  1. https://themeforest.net/item/woffice-intranetextranet-wordpress-theme/11671924/support
  2. https://themeforest.net/item/learndash-education-platform-and-learning-management-system/23205024/support

you can ask any kind of question about that item author @Alkaweb & @FrontendMatter at here as a comments

  1. https://themeforest.net/item/woffice-intranetextranet-wordpress-theme/11671924/comments
  2. https://themeforest.net/item/learndash-education-platform-and-learning-management-system/23205024/comments

How to contact any Item Author from Here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here


Thank You!!! I was getting crazy!!!

This is amazing…
You have a tool like Woffice… and you are not able to create a simple tutorial for it… discussions, forums, supports… all this effort, mine and yours, instead some videos…

Got no sense

This is not a right place(Envato Forum) to getting item support.
You should be contact with your item author cause they are responsible & the Most of expert on their won theme.

I am sorry.
I did my best to try to find where to write the question…
Sorry for the inconvienience

Another link for you…