Technology challenged <---( Understatement) seeks assistance


I purchased the V1.4 Responsive Multi-Purpose & Magazine WordPress Theme- I was hoping someone could steer my in the direction of some sort of tutorial- perhaps one designed for a 5th grader? I really need some sort of guidance; I have been aimlessly staring at my dashboard for hours.

Thank you in advance-

Hi @debeltak! If you need help installing a WordPress them for the first time, here are some good places to start:

You can also get help directly from the author of the item you purchased in one of the following ways (depending on what kind of support the author offers):

  • Go to the item page of the item you purchased, click “Support”, and see what support the author offers. Sometimes there will be a link to an external support site the author uses to receive/answer questions.
  • Go to the item page of the item you purchased, click “Comments”, and ask the author a question or find the answer you are looking for that has previously been asked.

Further recommended reading:

Otherwise, if you have a specific WordPress question, let us know as there are many experienced community members here who would be glad to help or point you in the right direction! :smile:

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Thank you very much, Scott. I really appreciate your reply.