Trying to improve my production: (and to avoid rejection, yes :) ) - Hip Hop Vlog track

Hello dear AJ members,

well… I am insisting in the “Hip Hop Vlog” genre that I tend to like.
I thought this one was not too bad, but AJ decided otherwise.

Just wanted to get your opinion to see if maybe it is lacking on the mixing side?
But it might be just the composition itself… I wish they simply use at least one word,
so we would know if problem is composition or sound quality/mix/mastering…

Thanks !

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According to my point of view there is a problem with the arrangement. There are too many drum rolls that overwhelm and tire the ear. I think that by doing some simpler lines the song could fit perfectly in audiojungle. And also the drum refills resonate too much or it’s too harsh to my taste.
Anyway it is a great track worth the effort even if it wasn’t aceppted :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. Good good point for the drum rolls. I felt that they could be a problem, and to be honest… I already reduced a bit their number, but did not know if that was enough.

By “drum refill” you mean the cymbals?

Sorry by drum refills I meant the snare drum and toms rolls when finishing any bar making these musical figures like in the video (sorry for my English)

yes ok, i was just asking as you also said drum rolls.
Yes, I agree, I listened again…and… they are a bit too proeminent… in number… and volume maybe.
I’ll try to fix this! Thanks.

Yeah at this point it’s all just subjective to the person, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the fills personally. I don’t think there is an objective “fix this and it will get accepted” thing for a lot of tracks getting rejects these days at all. This is a solid track IMO, no reason it wouldn’t be useful. It’s tough times!

Thanks for your answer, Robert.
Yes, it is really subjective, but what is interesting is that when I added all these fills… at some point I felt it was “too much”, so I muted some of them. So maybe that it can annoy some listeners. But at the same time, this is what makes this track “special”. :slight_smile:

I think its a pretty nice track. Only problem is that it sounds like 96kbps mp3. But i guess you just lowered it for a soundcloud? Other than that, nice chill hip-hop stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks… no I did not lowered it… I guess soundcloud is somehow low quality, maybe converting to 128, not sure about that… But compared to the nice other vlog hip hop here on AJ… I see a big difference in clarity, high end… maybe this is what you meant by 96kpbs mp3? lack of brillance and clarity and separation in the instruments?

ah ah I knew your name had been in my list at some time :slight_smile:
Rechecked your portfolio: I love it. “Chill & Love” is really nice!

Yes, it definitely sounds kinda muffled to me. Especially, if compared to other crisp and clean tracks here. That’s why i thought it was a low bitrate file. I guess it was the only reason for rejection. Because overall the track is really nice. Maybe drum samples are not good? Or you messed with eq’s somewhere…i think you can easily resubmit the track after fixing this!

And thank you for kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I am working on the track, and I have severly filtered some of my drums… as I also work on real Hiphop beats, I often do that, but in a vlog / AJ context, this does not make it!

So I am pretty sure this is the main problem ! Thanks!

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@PhreaSpirit: I am glad you made this remark about muffled sound… listening to the best seller tracks in the genre… and to yours as well… well… something was wrong.
So I removed some of my heavy Eqs and tape simulation on some drum layers… changed also some eqs and comps…

and here is my new try… maybe worth resubmitting it :slight_smile:

Now that’s much better! Crisp and bright, just right! (i am rapping already lol) :+1:

Good luck!

Yes as PhreaSpirit pointed out there was this mix issue problem now brilliantly improved. It was an even better advice that my given one. Now it’s a great track :slight_smile:


I wish in the rejection email they would at least indicate “mix / audio quality”… that would give a hint…

This will greatly help me for my future submissions, as I know will always mix using reference tracks.
(Magic AB is a nice plugin for that, by the way!)

Big up to @PhreaSpirit !! :slight_smile:
You really opened my eyes… and my ears… I resubmitted the track and it has just been accepted !!
Thanks ! :slight_smile:


That’s cool news! I am glad) Good luck!:v: