Trouble Finding Items Using Search in Elements

Hi I’m trying to use the Elements search box to find themes, extensions or plugins for Perfex CRM, which is available on Codecanyon. There are over 1,000 results that are returned but not are relevant.

  1. Is it possible to do an advanced search on Elements so that I can search by item title?

  2. Can anyone tell me if there are Perfex themes and scripts available as part of Elements?



You can try with category base search with exact item title which will provide you more less items suggestions in search result. As like


Thanks for your reply @mgscoder.

That does narrow down the results, but I can’t find what I’m looking for.

This search on CodeCanyon returns 9 results:

I am wondering if any of those 9 items are available as part of Envato Elements? I am unable to target my search on Elements in a way that allows me to determine if any of those 9 items are available on Elements. Please advise, thanks.

In that case you can copy the item name/title from codecanyon or any envato market and input as keyword in elements search. If you get the item in elements search result then exist otherwise most probablity not exist in elements. Thanks

@mgscoder thanks for the reply. When I do a search for “perfex crm flat theme” in elements, I get 16,169 results

How can I determine if that theme is available? Is there a way to do a more precise search to look for that specific item?


Hi, search filter work as like keyword filter. so, when you will put full title then search will give result for each keyword. I would like to suggest input keyword first 1 or 2 words from your target item. Also you can select category as like wordpress, cms template, web template etc from the dropdown to get more specific result. Hope this will help to understand the current search filter finctionality. Thanks

Came across this as was googling to see if there is a better way to search Elements … I agree - its terrible! Theres no way of doing a specific search, for example if I wanted to find an ‘Isometric Cat’ I would get results for everything tagged ‘isometric’ and everything tagged ‘cats’ making it pretty useless!


Search indeed sucks. A negative filter would be great. I get a billion templates even thow i want complete apps. “-template” would totally solve the problem. Unfortunately nobody at envato seems to read the forums.