Translate soft reject

  1. No image placeholders where featured image isn’t added:

  2. Don’t add dummy content here: and don’t display by default:

  3. This is not an ordered list:

ad1. If there is no featured image I put this icon. What should I put there?

ad2. So make it blank? what don’t display by default?

ad3. So what it is?

You should provide your theme demo link so others can tell you whats wrong with it. :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Demo won’t help with this “ufo soft reject”. It’s 14-th soft reject but now they got me … I will give up I think.

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It helps to understand the soft reject reasons -

Dont Give Up Man - You Got Soft Reject Its Better Then Hard Reject Right ?

yep but I made it from February and all time get like this soft rejects … I will need to have at least 500 sales to make this time profitable.

And for example this:

Search issues:

Was fixed 3 soft rejects earlier ( because wr_ prefix was to short I get some typo ) … reviewer must check some old version of theme … I check sended .zip and it’s fixed.

God, 14th… I am at 3rd and I tought to give up :anguished:

At least, can you give us a ful screenshot of your template? About the first reason with placeholder makes sense a bit, but I am not sure of what I understood.

yep, I gritted my teeth … but reviewers invent more and more strange reasons to reject themes… I don’t know, maybe in USA they do not learn what is Roman numerals … there are serverals opinion about US people :wink: