Soft Reject - Theme does not translate all strings



Theme does not translate all strings. e.g.

Really??? I should translate alt tag for images ? Envato tell me because I start thinking that You making some jokes from me …

Does any body got rejected because not translated alt tag for images??


If the alt text is static, then you probably should translate it, but consider using alt text from media library.


Yes it’s static alt tag for default logotype. And I got 3/4 like this soft reject from 14 march 2016 ( after 43 days for first review ) so I make this theme hm… almost half year and it’s a simple blog ) … and this is funnies one, other very funny was that prefix wr_ is to short.

and of course WP requirements article is from 2013 … maybe it time to change something?


I bought one of latest blog theme - alt for logotype is not translated. Different requirements for not new authors?


And second question … why link with soft reject screenshot doesn’t work and I need password? - reviewer @Barometer … reviewer, it’s interesting why we call them like that , their are applications tester…


I think it’s correct that you have to translate any static alt tags, someone who buys your theme may want to translate it to a different language.

I’ve recieved around 12 soft rejects over the last 4 weeks with similar reasons to yourself (after about 4 design soft rejects!) and finally got my theme approved on Monday by Kailoon. Just follow the instructions in the soft rejects, be patient, and you’ll soon be approved :slight_smile: good luck


I agree, but why in earlier 8 soft reject any application tester do not say it … it’s all about time , next 2 days to translate static alt.


I know how you feel, I had similar issues but you’ve just got to keep calm and carry on I’m afraid :smiley:


Yes, I learn making themes for TF … but there should be some TIPS etc. Some tutorial with most popular soft reject reasons … I don’t know. Every function need be prefixed , so I set wr_ prefix … but I got soft reject for this because prefix is to simple … This things can be written in some article …

Second thing, I start thinking that TF has so many authors that review time will never change because every author must earn something on his work and if they add for example 10 blogs every day, You will get 1-2 sales.


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