total theme: can't type text in portfolio grid post

I am working on my total theme wp site and try to get my portfolio right. I use the portfolio grid, with link to the portfolio post. All works fine BUT I can’t type text in the post. There’s a text block in the editor, like always, but I can’t seem to activate it. I can’t click it. Lame-duck style. Anyone knows how to fix this? ‘Content’ in the post layout elements is ‘on’.

Hello @vanessa_jorissen

For help regarding the Total theme, it’s much quicker if you leave a comment in theme’s comments section on Themeforest and someone from @WPExplorer team will be able to get back to you as soon as possible:


This isn’t an issue we can troubleshoot without more information, so if you could request support our team would be happy to help :slight_smile: