Changing Single Portfolio page layout in Total Theme

If anyone out there can help, it would be much appreciated!

We’re using Total Theme and would like to change the layout of the individual portfolio page to have the text come up to the right of the image (currently can only seem to be top or bottom of image). My developer is telling me it’s not possible, but hoping someone here can advise if there is a way via script or such @WPExplorer?

Thanks in advance. Final hurdle to complete the project… :slight_smile:

Theme Customization would be needed I believe in that case.

Thanks for responding! Would you know how he would do that? Through the single-portfolio.php or such? Thx

Just to be clear you mean this theme? Take your pick of items from this demo from that theme - is that not what you want?

Also tagging in @WPExplorer, who created the Total Theme :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jenniferleigh54! You can definitely customize the portfolio posts with Total. If you open a support ticket our team would be happy assist you.

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Thank you all for the responses - much appreciates. The demo is exactly what we want, but my developer doesn’t seem to be able to customise. I’ll open a support ticket and take it from there. Thanks again!

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