Single Portfolio Page is limited to 2 columns in WP Bakery

The single portfolio page of this theme will only display as 2 columns, despite that in WP Bakery, the rows are set at 1 column:

It would seems that the layout is hard coded in the PHP file. Since the developer is not able to assist us, would anyone here know how to modify the PHP file of the single portfolio post page so the layout can appear in 1 column.

Note: the developer, at one point, fixed this for us, but when I updated the theme last week, the portfolio pages reverted back to 2 columns.

Thank you.

you should make this fix in child theme so that when you will update the theme to latest version the fixing work will not be affected and your customize work will keep safe.


Thank you for your note. How do I include a PHP file in a child theme?

you can copy any files from parent theme and paste into child theme. If you need more help then theme author will be best choice to get answer because they are best expert about their theme functionality. Thanks

Thank you so much. It worked!

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