Total purchase count in GET /author/sale API

Hi All,

Just a small announcement to let you know that the GET /author/sale API has been updated to now include the total number of purchases made by the buyer for that particular item.

The GET /author/sale API requires a purchase code in order to verify the sale against the author’s account. Asides from verifying the sale the API will now return an attribute called ‘purchase-count’ with an associated numeric value.

As we are in the process of deprecating the old API, this change is only available in the new API mentioned above. For those of you interested in our plans for the deprecation of the old API stay tuned to the forums over the next couples of weeks. We’ll be launching the beta of the new Envato Market WordPress plugin (formally known as the Envato WP Toolkit) and depending on the feedback we’ll be much better placed to give you an update on when everyone will need to be moved over to the new API.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the API enhancement.



Thanks for the update!


So if a user has bought my item 3 times (2 regular and 1 extended) over the last year, they have 3 different purchase codes.

If I hit the endpoint with one of their purchase codes, it will show ‘purchase-count’ as 3, even though the other purchases have a different purchase code?


@andrewfreeman: we have more item sale on Envato market.

Can you update Earning Dashboard can show number sale of individual item in Month/Year


  • Item A: 4 sales
  • Item B: 10 sales


Hi Dave,

That’s right. No matter which of those three purchase codes you are given the ‘purchase-count’ will be 3.


Hi MagicalTheme,

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll add it to the backlog :grinning:

We’re waiting for sale count and earning for individual item.

Hello @andrewfreeman ,

While you are here, I’d like to ask some other questions regarding the API

  1. Auth Login => When using auth login, each time we need to approve sites? usually on twitter, only first time we need to approve, then it just redirect. Is’nt that possible with new API? the refresh token is not working I think. (demo)

  2. Review Queue times => Envato added review queue time feature on : Its #1 pain for author, and that feature is a breeze. I want to make it more awesome. However its not available via API. I’ve asked the same to the developer, he says its possible. So can you add it?

  3. Random New Items => Currently it displays only 10 latest items, as its loaded from all categories, that doesn’t make that much sense. Any chance to increase the limit? May be you can also set a limit parameter. like limit 10, limit 50 etc. I really need that for a feature I’m planning.

  4. Sales per month per item => That’s a must have feature on API. because there’s no way to know how much an item sells on Jan 15, or Feb 14. As you know most authors are in Partnership. So it will be a very good feature for them to track sales per item per month.

It would be great if you/your team can add these feature.

Awaiting your reply. Please do reply whatever you feels. I’m waiting. Expecting a positive reply :smiley:

Thanks a bunch,

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Hi Surjith,

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be reviewing the ownership of the API (so that requests like these can be properly managed). Regardless of where it lands, I’ll make sure your requests are added to the backlog or at least considered.

I’ve also forwarded the login issue to our developers so will let you know what happens there.

Hope you had a good new years!

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