Is there any way to get info about support sales within API?



I am working on a plugin for our team. And in API documentation I haven’t found any information about paid support. Is separate support purchases will be displayed in /author/sales output? How? And one additional question: how I can get info about support of sold items? For example to determine is it half-year support or full-year?

thanks in advance and hope to get answer from envato dev team.


I suggest checking out this:


It’s a WordPress plugin that builds a platform for your Envato support as an author.

It includes a lot of statistics. Though personally, we do not use this, we’ve seen it in action.

It has limitations, but it includes the ability for you to see your sales and details from Envato.

You can use it to explore how they achieved it - or you can contact that author directly.

In addition, you can review the API details here:

There are a lot of possibilities with their API, we’ve used it for a few things ourselves on personal projects.

I’m sure you’ll find all the information you need by visiting that URL linked above.


As I see from screenshots & description of this plugin - they do not support paid support (lol):smile:
I need to get from a new Envato API information on which license is sold for item. Extended or Regular or this is a separate purchase(only support extension)… Documentation is really poor and non-informative in this point.


Perhaps there are some newer versions out there, I don’t know.

This was something a former partner had used which is why we’re aware of it.

It showed statistics inside the dashboard for your authoring account on Envato.

It however was not a good solution to providing buyers with support.

I also find it hilarious that the author does not offer support on it :smile:

I never noticed that before. Perhaps a bad example for a current reflection. I apologize for that.

Was just trying to be somewhat helpful. All the best though.


I get, thanks for your help :wink:
Also, I tried to contact plugin author for some info… Waiting response.