Envato API /author/sales for a given item?


I would like to use the API to retrieve the sales of a given item (possibly per month). The API has the /author/sales that receives only a page where to start from. This is not really very flexible in the sense that to get a specific item’s sales one would have to make possible a lot of requests depending on how many items / sales a user has.

This can easily end up being a lot of unnecessary requests. Each page now are 50 items delivered as far as I know but if I am trying to get sales out of a specific item 40 of these 50 items might not be from the item I am currently searching for and then I need to loop and request through all these unnecessary items? This is especially problematic If I am looping through an elite author’s items for example…The more sales the worse it gets.

Maybe there is a better solution I am not seeing?

best regards

Also would be really nice to have the amount of the sales after tax and not before…As this differs from users to users…it is a bit annoying to do this calculation ourselves which might end in buggy applications or incorrect information being delivered.