Race to the bottom? :wink:

Haha, yes I saw that, too. It MIGHT be a glitch :smiley:

Ha.ha Yesterday Videohive - Today Audiojungle :wink:


Not the first gift day.

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Well there is free file of the month so it is not wrong


It already happened a few weeks ago. It was due to a new file whose price was wrongly set to $0. Probably the same thing here. Someone is selling something for nothing…

" Staff check this ASAP please! "

Not sure those issues was connected, I thought it was a joke of fate. At least now I can’t see what is wrong with prices (hopefully).

Looks stupid

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Nice new branding by the way!

hi, yes they have some free download sometimes with featured items …

I didn’t even buy 1 dollar! WHY!

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new way to attract customers. :smiley:

Hahaha, evergreen! :joy:

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Ha-ha-ha!!! Maybe it was a glitch. :cd:

Money for nothin’ and chicks for free :smile: