Top New Authors?

I’m wondering: why is there no separate section for sound effects authors? Why do they take the first places due to fast sales, and new musicians with good music do not reach the top of the top?


Because gladiolus )

Because “Bled Navalniy”…)

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“Petrosian land” here:

One of the reasons why there is no separation is because many musicians are also creating sound effects and many sound effects authors also create music. Some do 50/50 of each craft and some musicians only offer a few sound effects from time to time or vice-versa. As an example, some of the very top “sound effects” authors also have a substantial amount of music in their portfolio.

So, in many cases, it would be practically impossible to draw a line between “sound effects authors” and “musicians”. The creative borders are simply too porous. AudioJungle is a very open world and the ranking system simply reflects that. :slight_smile:

I did not think that the new authors have a portfolio of “300 +” subjects. Thank you for the information.

The system can perfectly determine which categories are more “sounds” or “music”, and send the author in the desired section.

But the problem remain the same for Top New Authors: many authors work in both sectors and among them, some alternate between music/sfx, in equal measure, so where would those fit, if there was a separation?

40 effects 5 music where would they fit?

How many musicians did not get to 17,16,15 place at the beginning of the way due to the fact that 1,2,3 place was taken by people with effects and fast sales of $ 1?

Some months, the list contains authors having the same number of sfx/music in their portfolio (not 40 effects / 5 music), so how would those be classified if there was a separation? That was what I meant.

Maybe it is because such possibilities can (and does) exist that there is no separate ranking for music/sfx authors?

I agree that it doesn’t seem super fair for musicians at first glance this month, but I’m not sure what could be done about the situation. Making a separate ranking system would also be problematic in the cases I mentioned, no?

ask question when the author creates the account “what will happen to your portfolio fx or music” is not possible?

Everything can be organized and configured, if there is a desire.

By asking authors at the very start, it would be possible, yes. :slight_smile:

But since (many) authors work in both fields, those would need 2 AudioJungle accounts to separate their music and sfx works. But if they ordinarily have 1 exclusive and 1 non-exclusive account, now they would need to register 4 separate accounts in all. Maybe Envato simply don’t want to deal with this kind of multiplied number of accounts? Just a guess.

If you have sfx and music, then you kind of have to have stock footage, motion graphics, AE Templates, C4D templates, Motion Templates and Tools… and that’s just for video. There’s be so many categories by the time you’ve added in all the marketplaces, with not that much benefit to doing so.

Very much honor to be on the 1st place for$ 30 profit…

Whatever floats your boat!

How about a ranking “Most Audio Sales” and “Most FX Sales”? This could be counted and 50/50-Authors could - if they sold very good - be on both lists


This is also an option. If the author is strong at the start (Fx & music) at the same time, let it be in two categories.

The list could be compiled based on revenue like the paw and elite/power elite badges are.