Is it just me or…are titles of tracks just turning into lists of tags now :smiley: I mean they are really great pieces of music but…whats the point of the tags box? Lets just stick them all in the title instead :stuck_out_tongue:

We have “Corporate Motivational Inspiring Pop” and
"Uplifting Motivational Inspirational Background Piano" along with “Technology Modern Uplifting and Orchestral Hip-Hop” all featured tracks.

I think I might have to write an “Inspiring Motivating Piano and Guitar Track with Corporate Inspirational and a Hint of Stylish Cheese”

Could get confusing though :wink:

I believe those titles were changed when they were featured…it’s a matter of tag monopoly. I believe everybody would do the same in these cases.

That’s the thing though, if you call it ‘The Yellow Submarine’ then that’s great, and all well and good… but nobody is ever going to use yellow or submarine in the search box.

They might if they know the track, but in that instance they’ll probably have already bought it or will have bookmarked it or saved it in their favourites etc. There might be a few who do, but it’s much more likley somebody will have searched for pop, children’s, upbeat, funny etc. And you’ll probably have more luck with your track turning up near the top of the list if those terms are in the title as well as the keywords.