Tips for a Listing theme Business and Job purpose

Hello, im here to looking for a good theme to migrate my old one for serious bug issues and no Customer Service support.

Actually idk if its a good idea migrate to a new one or hire a developer to fix the one im actually using.

This is my website:

Its a directory listing focus to hire and booking people and services.

Would be better if this new theme have:

  • integrated chat
  • assisted migration for existing user
  • job platform included
  • really good Support Care
  • Fresh style and code

Any helps its appreciated

With respect your current sit eis hard to work with and navigate through.

If you have the budget then a purpose-built solution is always the best option.

Bug fixing/sticky-taping a train-wreck is usually best avoided especially if you are adding significant features or functionality.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes i agree with you, but actually i have to put the basement again because i understood its totally impossible work with these guys just to fix all the mess they done.

Before to customize i want to have this solid basement for this reason im interested to change the code, only after i can customize what i want.

I totally agree with you, if these guys work on this way (and they threat me in a more worst way) its better cut also if im close to end of the project.