Need help migrating business directory from one theme to another

I’m needing someone to help or consult on a project of mine. I have to migrate directory reviews from one directory theme to another. I have been able to migrate the directory, but I am unable to connect reviews to their corresponding business post. Some have said it’s not possible, but I believe it is. Please let me know if you are interested and what you would charge. Thanks.

It’s not impossible but sometimes it takes time. I could help you on this but you need to provide a bit more details.
Can you please drop me an email - with the name of the themes and demo data?



Hey There,

What you need to do, is connect the DB post meta, to be the same for those reviews and import after.
It is actually a mapping to the database process, not something easy, but doable.
The best - to say the truth, is actually get the reviews you have now in the DB as schema and convert it as a plugin, so even if you change themes 100 times, you still have the reviews available for you.

I can help you with that task, if you want to guide there

The email link you sent didnt link to an email address. Could you send me an email and I will send you the links you need.


Thank you.