This is why you shouldn't give away your music for free and why Content ID is important.

Hi there fellow Audiojungle authors,

a couple of years ago I offered a Free File of the Month to Audiojungle and their customers. Since there was no license available for free files back then, I decided to not register the track with any Content ID service to let the customers have a hassle free use.

Well that hassle free use for the customers turned out to be a big hassle for me since a composer (and fellow landsman too) decided to rename the track and register it with Content ID. I came across this by suprise when I noticed one older youtube track with 10 Million (!) views using that exact track from my portfolio.

I took action, uplaoded the track to with my Content ID provider and contacted them directly with all the information necessary several times to pull the track from his account. Nothing happened. Today I tried again and I won’t back down. I can understand If they can’t compensate me for the amounts that have been payed to him using my track, but what I can’t and will not accept is that they are STILL claiming my music under his name!

I’ll keep you up to date. But take notes: Never give away your music for free and register your music with ContentID and a PRO.


Sad to read that.

Identifyy contact service, for me, is useless.
For more that a year and a half i am waiting for a bug in one report. Nothing happen.
And i got a lot of more claims and nothing.

I wish you can solve this.


That’s like a horror scenario. Also who does something like that? Steal someone’s track? How can he sleep at night?
I hope you’ll be able to straighten it out soon.
Good luck!


What a complete parasite, I hope one day you will get financially renumerated for your original generous deed. Free File Of The Month does not benefit authors as any promotion for your portfolio will be sabotaged by the intervention of Envato and the Elements banner. Do not submit files and make sure you register your music - no more excuses and no more putting it off.


Btw do you know that clients can use the free file only if they create content during that free month? Though I can’t find the license now to confirm it.

Registering a free file with CID before it is free may be a VERY profitable move. I recommend it.

It may be even more profitable if someone registers it AFTER releasing it as a free file BUT it may generate additional problems for clients.


In my case, it wasn’t like that…
I had a “Free file of the month” in February 2021, and I was registered my tracks one month before (Identifyy)…
But, that track didn’t bring me any (big) money!

As for Identify, I am not sure if they’re doing a good job…!? How satisfied you are?
In the last several months, just one track has brought me 50% to 90% of my income!!!
All others, very few.


I earn VERY satisfying cash each month. And it is way more than with AdRev so yes, I am satisfied. Many authors too. Maybe they are not perfect but still most efficient than any other CID service which is popular among AJ authors.
BTW imagine how many videos for each track they have to check each month. A lot of work, a lot.

To be honest I see the same mentioned proportion. And yep, it is curious.


Found at least two more videos with 200.000+ views and a handful with at least 50.000+ which he claimed.

My Content-ID provider reached out to his provider, which I also did. No results yet. I’m thinking about contacting him personally. I have his e-mail and telephone number.


I hope that this person is not a fellow Audiojungle author although it should not make a difference who they are - awful behaviour.


Thanks for great advice!

Hi everyone. I’m very sorry for what happened to you Myke, you have all my understanding. By the way, although I am very satisfied with my membership with Identifyy so far, I am still hesitant to record my most successful tracks on Audiojungle with Content ID because I am afraid of being overwhelmed by complaints from my previous customers (even if, I must say, so far this has never happened with all my other tracks already covered with CID). From your experiences, did any of you have any problems with CID after recording tracks that had already sold a lot in the past (I mean complaints, refund requests and so on)?


Very small number of such requests. VERY small. Actually I had only few mails with polite questions.

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Oh thanks for answering, I think it’s time for me to cover them as well.

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All of my tracks did not have CID from day one when I started back in 2013,
but in 2019 someone had registered a few of my tracks to Tunecore.
I was getting emails from previous customers who had legally purchased licenses, saying they had claims on videos and couldn’t clear them.

I did not have the tools to help them. This was at the time AdRev had stopped accepting audiojungle music. I was furious and felt helpless.

When I learned about Identifyy, I registered ALL of my tracks.

Now I have peace of mind and can help customers clear their videos.
I also made a support page on my website with step by step information on how to do it.


your website is very good. nice job.

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I still can’t believe people registering other composer’s tracks…

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The problem always lies with what a “free file” communicates to a customer. Free is essentially communicating $0 cost, nada, niente, rein, nichts.

Nothing is nothing.

Free is nothing and free communicates to a customer “Do as you please” Including upload a video with the track to collect youtube royalties.

This is also why every music producer should never allow a music publisher or stock music site the ability to collect CID on your behalf. Just say “no”.


I would. With a cease and desist letter.

Got an e-mail from my Content ID provider today that they got my track out of ownership conflict. The claims are still on those videos tough, I hope it’ll get changed as soon as possible.

I don’t know tough if this individual who stole my track will see any consequences from his Content ID provider. I’m still thinking about the best way to get the money that righteously belongs to me. I have his contact details, but would like to settle this privately first, maybe somebody here had some similar experiences. Would be nice if you could help out.

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