Looking for Identifyy advice!

Hey, mates!

I am a fresh member of Idetifyy and my first report finally came through and a lot of results came back with my files from the Jungle used!
So my question is this:
I didn’t register my main top-seller due to the fact that I didn’t know what kind of backlash I would be facing from authors when i register with Identifyy! Secondly that item was an official free file and it had more than 20 000 downloads (it was a nightmare then and it didn’t bring me the needed exposure and many more sales, but hey, ENVATO was a community back then, so I was happy to contribute), so I fear if I register that item it may cause mayhem and maybe harm me in the long run!
What would your trusted advice be in this situation, mates? :ear:

Thanx a lot in advance for you input and advice! :raised_hands:



  • did Envato provide your clients license for a free file?
  • I am not sure how it works/how it worked but something evokes me that free file is free only during that free month (or year since the beginning of that month?). I mean that someone can publish it only during that month for free. Or maybe I’m wrong?

I have no way of knowing! Just asking if any other author with a free files has done it and how it went!
Thanx anyways for your input, mate!

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I think You would get a licence with a free file too, no? If so the question is are the customers able to clear it with identifyy?


You can always ask Identifyy about this. Emphasize the fact that it was a free file for a limited time and only for Envato clients. Of course they would need license to confirm their purchase.

If there is a limitation in a publishing period it will be even easier to verify them.

You should definitely ask Identifyy what they think about this. Registering this track could make them potentially A LOT of manual work so they should decide if it’s worthy. If it’s worthy for them, it will be worthy for you.

After this share with us your experience.


Will do, bro! :beers:


But please check first if clients have licenses and if there is/was a limited time for publishing content with your music.


Ask Envato support team first.