Free File Of the Month - Audio Content ID and License

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When a Free File Of The Month audio track is used in a video and I want to publish it on YouTube or Vimeo, how does that work with possible content ID clearance since the free downloads can’t be found anywhere in my profile (or I couldn’t find them) and thus I have no readable license nor any proof that this item was a certain month’s free download which came with one regular license. How does this work?

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That’s why I chose not to register my free file with ContentID. Unfortunately there are no licenses for a free file (afaik). The only way to clear a claim would be to contact the Author directly and ask him to whitelist the video.

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You may try asking the author to whitelist your video, as an option. Also, while contacting the AdRev support try mentioning it's a free file of the month from AudioJungle and attach the link to the page where it says so.

@AudioTrend said:

1. Client contacts you directly to clear the claim. 2. Client goes to AdRev Contact page himself and clears the claim. Clients are people, and they are clever people (you have to be clever if you are working in video production), so they will easily find out how to clear these claims, as there are a lot of info on Web about it.

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