this is an obsolete question so no more required

this is an obsolete question so no more required

What on earth did you spend 10k on to make a theme?

If the reviewer did not provide any feedback then it’s hard rejected which means that it is some way from the standard.

If you share your demo link here then the community may be able to offer some advice


If you spent 10K to get a theme that offers features that are not available in any theme… and you now have a theme that offers features that are not available in any theme… then what’s the problem?

I don’t know what these features are… but something that is unique doesn’t automatically mean it’s desirable. And any uniqueness has to make up for any other issues, so they might have to be pretty special. I’m not looking at a bad theme, but I am looking at a theme that doesn’t look very premium and hasn’t got the best design. Make something that looks unique, premium, stylish, desirable and has these unique features… and you might be on to a winner.

Yes you are right but in my experience if a theme offers unique features they don’t just hard reject it. they normally push a soft rejection and ask for changes. thanks for your feedback btw

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I’m no web wizard, but something I think will make it look instantly better, if only slightly. Change the colour of the blue bar at the top… it’s far too ‘primary’ of a blue. Something less in your face, maybe with a better background image/pattern would look good. Or a nice image on its own, make it black and white, fade it out a bit, with the white text could also look good. It’s a start!

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I can surely make changes and I am completely open for that but they says

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Community Portfolio - Artwork Sharing WordPress Theme” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

dont know what should I do now if I can’t resubmit it again

You can’t submit it again, but you can submit something different instead. And if you make enough changes to what you already have, then it will essentially be a different item. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend just changing the bar on the homepage and then sending it in again… but if you’ve already spent 10k then it would be worth at least spending some time on it before throwing it away!

As I say, I’m no theme expert, but if you compare the two… I think the one on the right is kind of heading in the right direction when it comes to looking a bit more premium. Maybe I’m biased though!

Thanks, I will surely not just throw it away and will try to do something with it

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The theme is sure different from 99% of the other themes, and this itself is a good thing that differentiate the market and give more options to the costumers.

The design can be improved, try to improve it that is the faster thing to do and you should be approved.

Consider also that from my experience no matter if the product is unique and of high quality, Envato reviewers will create you lot’s of problems only due it’s different (I know, this not have much sense). So if something is different, I don’t know why, they are not able to evaluate it correctly. So you must be really patient, and after some month you will be approved if the product work correctly.

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t want to just design one more “Multipurpose theme” for approval and I think they didn’t liked my approach.

I have submitted a support ticket for this issue and hopefully I will get a positive response from support center. I am planning to design it from scratch and resubmit it again but I don’t know if I spend more money on it and they again press the same button.

Out of interest the money you are spending - is this in terms of time you are giving up or actual costs of third party plugins, developers etc?

I get it’s fruatrating but in most cases the reviewers are right.

Yes I believe that too but they sometimes don’t take serious new authors work. for money first it costed me because of development of this functionality and second I have paid for multiple demo designs that are in progress and the complete plan was to integrate 5 more designs in updates.

Well, to be honest, investing so much money without either being stupidly rich or having a VERY solid know-how about ThemeForest WordPress market is super bad idea. Reviewers couldn’t care less about how much money you’ve spent on it (rightfully).

You can have the most unique features, but if you design is not good enough, chances are the reviewer won’t even bother checking those futures and will hard reject your item just after few second scroll through your homepage. And honestly, your design is definitely not good enough. It looks like a decent free Bootstrap template. You need to improve typography, spacing and colors. You should also use a different icon set. The one you’ve used is extremely overused and cheapens the design a lot.

Reminds me Behance :slight_smile:

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I think the concept is nice and there may be some unique features but the execution as it is, is not there, and this would almost certainly distract the reviewer before they would investigate any stand out functionality.

If it were us (with all due respect to everyone) I would be pushing back hard on whoever made the designs especially if they were paid to do it, as there are some pretty schoolboy level errors in the basics especialy for a creative platform or network. e.g.

  • it does feel quite Dribble inspired

  • header needs more padding and to breathe more

  • the search bar is too wide and looks like it is trying to fill up space more than anything

  • most of all the presentation of the profile /preview cards needs work in terms of typography, styling, the tiny profile pics don’t work

  • the modal effect is nice but it would add value to have fixed item pages also

  • the generic layout of the modals needs more to it e.g. different content types need different features/option/layouts

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You should understand a basic thing first about themeForest.

Theme means actually the Design and the look of website. It does not mean features or special functionalities, if you want to create special functionalities include them in a separate plugin, you can publish that plugin in codecanyon as well or in it will help marketing your theme as well.

The features your plugin add your theme can work to display them in great way!

Theme is Hard rejected and the 99% reason of hard rejection is Design and only Design. If there are problems in code or features they will request you to fix them but if the design did not go through in first look then you need to learn more before working on themeforest.

Also start from simple niche themes then go to advance themes. So you can get basic understanding how themeForest actually works.

The theme you have included have big problemns in its design.