"Third party HAAWK, on behalf of AudioJungle" keeps copyright claiming our work (licensed!)

“Third party HAAWK, on behalf of AudioJungle” keeps copyright claiming our work, in which we spent good money to license music for.

We are a small business and do everything by the book… and then to have to waste our time dealing with these claims is very frustrating, as we already can hardly keep up with everything we need to do as a small business. HAAWK… please stop creating false claims if you don’t have proper grounds to do so. It’s unethical and imprudent on HAAWK’s part. Envato, please correct “HAAWK’s” actions.

Many thanks.

Long-time Envato Customer

Envato has nothing with Haawk. They are different companies.

Authors usually register their works to prevent some copyright infrigments (in Haawk for example).
Some of them had problems about it, because someone else registered their tracks without permission, so the buyer even couldn´t claim about it to the real author, everybody lose (except the thief)
This is a way to prevent fraudulent moves; to cover the author and the customer.