Thinking about uploading 360 Degree AE templates. Is it possible?

I’ve decided to create my 360 degree AE template. But is it worth it? i mean will they approve any 360 degree ae templates?

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anyone? anything?

do you think it will be useful? i’m not sure about that.

I’m not sure what you mean with a 360 degree template. You mean an After Effects project that can form the basis for an interactive 360 degree film?

It’s definitely a bit of a trend at the moment in general. But templates? Probably not a demand as yet. Let’s face it, we don’t really have any shapes at all other than widescreen 16:9… not even standard outdoor marketing shapes. They’d be more of a winner if you ask me.

Yeah i just wanted to try it :stuck_out_tongue: but i scared from reviewers hehe

this is one of the moment where you are the trend setter and make a bunch cash from it or a complete failure , the questions of “what if” soo tempting to ignore . AE template is not my thing but if i we’re you i’ll take the risk and think the outcome later.

And as i understand You should create 360 camera rig, and Render 1 Source to upload it into Metadata app, so it will be ready to use.

Interesting, but i’m not sure how it can be used. If with the following way somebody can use, lets say, call-out to a specific camera source and then render it with metadata app.

Other hand is creating fully animated templates, there might be demand.

I’ve already found plugins for AE, but they cost about 100$.

Its really simple. I have to prerender all of my footage in 360 degree mode. Then i’ll just have to play with my logo or text whatever it is.
I just wanted to know that videohive is ready for 360 degree AE Templates…

360 degree mode with mettle plugin? Or selfmade?

If it’s box projection - it’s reallly simple, equirectangular is much harder to create

I’m using Mettle plugin. My boss bought it so i wanted to take advantage of it xD

I see =))
But will customizing work without plugin? or buyer should buy it also?

yeah that’s the trickiest part. Customizing things are very very limited. Color customization changing text and logo’s are just fine. But other’s are almost not possible.
And for buyers i don’t know we’ll just have to see it. If they approve this kind of item of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Gandosh, I was on here looking to buy one. Do you hire out direct? It would probably be short, 30 seconds or so as a logo sting with a catch phrase, or something cool if you could think of it.

Thank you in advance

Hey ryanraynor! I’m so ready for it! Here is my mail :