I'm newbie here, need advise if my project template worth selling

Hello, dear professionals! I wanted to sell my project as a AE template file, and need to know if this project is worthy of my effort, cause there are many if’s and buts…
This is, basically, a 3-d model, that I’ve animated to the music and would like to sell as an element of the 3d scene for people to put in their projects depending on the context… Element 3D V2 and Particular 4 plugins have been used in the project.
Please, take a look at the video of the link provided, and let me know what you think of it, would you buy it? :smile: Please, share your thoughts, thank you…

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Nobody can help you if only you can see your video. Your video is hidden by privacy settings

I also recommend that you change your nickname. Using the word “Envato” in a nickname is prohibited by the rules of the market

Please, check it out now

Hey your project is brilliant! It made me laugh :smiley: But I think it would be more useful as a stock footage, with different “shots/scenes” of the calculator showing happy/money flowing out, then another one where the money is flowing really fast etc. :thinking: Or different versions with different currencies.

Or maybe just as a Cinema 4D 3D model?

As for AE project I’m not sure who would use this… I mean it’s a viable thing, like in some niche cases it would be nice for the user to use this project, change the camera angles or maybe even the lighting/colors of the calculator and money… but I think much more users would just prefer the ready to go stock footage. Afterall it’s not some logo reveal where it makes sense to have an AE file, cause you need to change the logo and colors :smiley:

P.S I would spend some extra time on making the camera movement much more consistent in speed and easing, now it seems a bit too rough and like it could use some polishing.

Also I would work on the camera angles/shot compositions. I would center the calculator in the frame, and overall make better looking, cleaner compositions. Now these seem just a bit too of to the bottom or too zoomed in or not enough, with parts of the calcular money cut off in the frame in an unpleasantly unbalanced way :see_no_evil: like if you took screenshot of each camera shot, the screens wouldn’t look like a nice “artwork” but more like a sloppy however position camera with no attention to details. I hope this makes sense ahaha.

Thank You for your thoughts and advise :handshake:

:sweat_smile: :smiley: The video is worth watching

But not worth selling. Please add some good essence and feel to it.