There are creators that try to rip people off on YOUTUBE

So I’ve had the membership here for a while. I use it for all my videos. One thing that happens is some people will remove their song from envato, then ding you for copy right on YouTube. The transaction disappears and you’re screwed. I’ve had it happen a couple times. They need to NOT delete download history and license agreement when a song is removed.


That’s why you buy from well established authors not one time scammers

Sad story. Does it affect all portfolio of this author or particular tracks only?

They hire companies to go out and send strikes on YouTube. If you don’t reply for whatever reason, they steal your monetization. That’s really the business model. They know most will fight and win but for those who are preoccupied, they steal your video. I’ve noticed that some artists have their music transferred over from elements to audio jungle, which is a single buy rather than a group buy of elements. When they do that, for some reason the transaction gets deleted so it’s hard to fight them because Audio Jungle has removed the transaction.

Can you give examples please?