ThemeKalia Theme envolve-consulting-business-wordpress-theme

I bought the theme envolve-consulting-business-wordpress-theme from ThemeKalia.
Now, however, the demo inport could not be started on the server, so I bought an additional installation service, which somehow managed to install this theme.
But now one element is missing, e.g. a page.
I can’t rebuild this via Elementor either.
The support from ThemeKalia is more than bad, I post the errors, only one is addressed, the rest is not looked at. Elements are missing, colours are missing, apparently no one can help me. But I should be online with the homepage for over 1 week, but I can’t because some elements are missing like colours etc. Who can give me a basic tip here, please?

some elements settings you can get in theme options (settings). but for any technical query you should ask directly to the theme author.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Also you can check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.


This is not possible in this Theme, there Demo Installation is not working so i think here are some Files are Missing and the Devleoper dont fix it, i dont know why but i have to go online with the site since more than one week

that’s the reason you should contact the author and ask them about it. Author reply is important in this case.

Yes i do this in the Ticketsystem "No Pictures inside" (#2962386) / Themekalia i dont know if you can see this, but the support ist realy bad from this developer.

No, I have no access to the support ticket. Response time for this author is 2 business days. So, you may wait around 2 days to get reply from them. If you think the theme has bugs and author not responding correctly then you can open Help ticket and let them know.


I have written imdeatily after the support hast updated my Post. Sry that ist not realy a good support 2 Errors an we are ready to go online but no the Support do nothing.
Terrible if i worked so i would not have any Customers