i bought a theme
but there are missing files
please contact me

or return my money



For any technical query about theme functionality the best choice will be contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to answer your query.


I bought the theme from you please everyone do their job or return my money

I sent a message, the writer was not interested

this is public forum. to get support about theme query you have to get in touch with your purchased theme author. you can post a comments in theme comments page or ask support from theme support page. for weekend they can delay to reply, please give them time to get back to you.

In the mean time you can check theme documentation, if you get necessary help there.


When did you send that?
Was it by the right support channel?
Did they just not reply or reply and refuse to help?

It looks like that element of the website just hasn’t been setup properly yet. Have you checked documentation to see if this is covered there.

FYI it’s not the authors responsibility to install or setup the theme for buyers

In fact it took 2 minutes to find more info on this on the item page https://www.althemist.com/docs/lafka/

It’s a 5 star rated item so highly unlikely the issue is anything other than setting it up correctly

(unless your version of WordPress, theme, or PHP is out of date but even then it seems unlikely that this would impact the issues you are having).

Hello there
no theme setup errors

there are missing files
no extra option in the menu

charlie4282 via Envato Forums envato@discoursemail.com, 5 Nis 2020 Paz, 12:25 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

That’s not a missing file, that’s just options within the theme that haven’t been enabled or properly set up. You’ll find instructions in the theme’s documentation or the options will be available to change in your WP admin panel. If it’s not in the documentation or the admin panel options, you can contact the author through their support channel. Theme setup isn’t covered with support, but I’m sure they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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All those features look fine on your website such as:

https://www.le-mondial.com/product/build-your-own-pizza/ (with custom options), as well as nutrition info showing on all items e.g. https://www.le-mondial.com/product/stuffed-blue-shark/

If it’s missing on one particular page or product is must just need you to input options/content.

To reiterate our point above this is all explained in the documentation https://www.althemist.com/docs/lafka/#!/addons

As per @mgscoder and @SpaceStockFootage 's comment if necessary reach out to the author

I’m not FULL professional
Let me give you the username and password.

Hello ilhanantepli,

We are the authors of the Lafka theme.

As the colleagues above said, there must be something wrong in your settings. Please, kindly signup for our official support forums, so our technical staff can assist you.


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sorunu şimdi yaptım size çok teşekkür ederim

AlThemist via Envato Forums envato@discoursemail.com, 7 Nis 2020 Sal, 11:17 tarihinde şunu yazdı: