Themeforest Demo page "Remove Frame" not displaying

Some time Demo page Remove Frame not displaying. Please fix this because some scripts not working without remove this.

This is happening on Codecanyon as well.

I hope this is a bug because there are features that don’t work while a theme or plugin is in the Envato iframe.

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Yes. We find already reported to envato.

Hi folks,

I’ve just had a look, and I see this as well. It’s related to an ongoing experiment we’re running to gather some data on the preview iframe. Unfortunately there appears to be a problem with the test (a javascript error is occurring in at least some variants of the test, disrupting the “Remove frame” functionality).

@SPRUKO I’ve got your support ticket, it’s been assigned to the right team and they’ll be investigating it.

Apologies in advance for the disruption; will post back here when fixed.

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Hi, Thank you for quick reply. We are waiting for fix. Because this time many demo pages are not working removing “remove frame”. Some authors lost many sales this time. Please fix as soon as possible and update.

Guys not sure what is this about but please do not remove that button, there are plugins that have features that do not work in the iframe… I really hope this is a bug!


We discovered another issue with this experiment, so we’re pausing it for now.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Thank you.

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know we’re relaunching the experiment to gather data on the preview iframe. Thanks to your feedback we’ve redesigned some of the variants: we’re testing different calls to action and button behaviour, and a small percentage of users will not see a ‘Remove frame’ button. We’ll be running the experiment for one week, and we’ll be monitoring all the variants closely so if any are underperforming, they will be removed. The data we gather from this experiment will feed into the future of the preview iframe, and help us design a better user experience.