Please Bring Back Remove Frame Button

I noticed today remove frame button removed from the top bar. Please bring back it.
I know how can I find the original URL but potential clients may not know.
Using iframes sometimes causes errors.

I agree with this. Also I have noticed many apps are nolonger working properly inside this iframe.

Hey guys. This is part of an Envato Experiment to see which format / design of the UI in the Preview Frame results in more conversions and an overall better experience for customers. These experiments don’t usually last long ( about a week or so ) to collect data for the team to analyse and make decisions that increase sales and make customer lives better. If you notice any bugs, please do report them here, I’ll be sure to pass them along to the team.


I do agree - I noticed this earlier in the last day or so, particularly today, and it would be useful if the iframe gave the option to close the iframe too and view the site “as is”. I appreciate the upsell point, but not for me personally.

Nearly a month passed. Please bring back the button.
Iframes brokes most of demos.

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Who did this stupid idea? My potential customers now thinks the demo doesn’t work because it keeps redirecting to homepage after logging in inside the demo frame. Please bring back this button!

They don’t care what we think.
You can make a simple redirection page like that:

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@NicheOffice thank you that’s a useful tip. I agree with comments so far. If Envato want to use iframes to “boost sales” then at least have a simple CLOSE BUTTON that people can click on. Right now myself I tend to switch to code view, locate the URL where the theme is then go in that way, but its a pain in the a$$