Problem with demo.

Hi! I have one problem with demo on my HTML template. The problem is that demo doesn’t work with envato frame, it’s just black screen. I know that this is because of AdBlock. If I remove frame, all works. But if buyer has AdBlock, he can’t see the demo and it’s bad. How can i fix it, or maybe remove envato’s frame. I tried this script:

(top !== self && top.location.replace(self.location.href));

in head of code, but it didn’t help. So, if you know how to fix,help me please. Thank you and good luck!

Which adblock plugin are you using? It’s not happening for me, and your demo site’s URL doesn’t contain any mention of “ad” or similar triggers so it shouldn’t be blocked.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do except change the URL if the script can’t even run.

Oh, thank you so much:). I use AdBlock Plus from google.

Are you sure it’s ad blocker and not just a hosting restriction? Are you using decent hosts or budget options? Several of the cheap ones don’t allow iframe loading

Yeah, I use AdBlock Plus and it’s not blocking it for me. Your demos load fine.
Maybe you accidentally blacklisted it? Have you tried opening Inspect Element to see what the error is?