None of my demo works anymore :(

I have a big issue that I noticed today.

In all my demo pages I remove the Envato top bar with the buy button and now in Chrome I noticed that I get the error, it wasn’t there in the past everything worked fine.

Did Chrome changed something in their browser or what is happening I don’t understand.

From what I notice other authors have the same issue so is not a server issue is a Chrome issue.

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to set the ‘href’ property on ‘Location’: The current window does not have permission to navigate the target frame to 'index.html …

Thank you.

I think that is a long time ago there - maybe a year. I have set direct links to my themes with default Envato top bar when this has start.

Please give me more details about this. Is there a way to go around this?

I don’t have a lot info - all is the same like you have describe. I have not found a solution for this and that is the reason why I have set a direct links to my items (with default iframe).

Thank you.

I wonder why I didn’t noticed this so far and how many sales I have lost because in my case because of the error the page dosen’t initialize…

Now I have to modify more then 60 plugins pages, holy crap sometimes I hate this job…