Theme with a layered look

Hello - I’ve be searching for something refreshing,

I’m tired of searching through themes that all look basically the same… I need some help. I do not need a blog, or a lot of features. I do not want a huge image flip with image cubes below on the home page, but instead a box style, with background textures and interest via layering of content areas.

Really anything different than the big image slider, image cubes, side bars, repeat repeat repeat - some originality in a responsive design would be soooooooooooo refreshing.

Thank you for your help,

You can check our portfolio but i think what you need is custom theme, a theme made after your image.


Hey there,

super focused niche sites are built just for that.

But come on, there are really so many outstanding themes provided here…
Just please try be more specific. Tell us your niche or whatever that you think is important in order to get the answer. In this case we might be able to suggest.

Please don’t be so strickt, authors spend so many hours working and make a lot of efforts to develop a theme and they all go through a review system.

Sometimes I spend even weeks to find the most appropriate theme for my project. I encourage you to have a closer look and you’re gonna find it :yum:

Why you just dont hire someone who will make custom site with your specifications?

I agree @kriszta, and I have purchased a wiz bang theme, however I can not have my next two sites looking the same - huge image, image blocks, blah blah blah. I need a different layout/look because the sites are all friends of mine who run in the same group.

So I’m just asking people with different experience than myself if you have seen something a bit different in the theme world. If not, that’s fine. Let’s not get off topic here :slight_smile:

Just looking for a simple, different looking theme - maybe no one has ever needed such a beast, so it doesn’t exist - oh well.

See below. I just love the framework they work with.

They are niche sites and they nearly all have a specific look, layouts and design elements by default. so you do not need to work a lot to achieve a specific look. And a lot of them have special functionality as well. You can have a look at the online docs as well.
You can just go without sliders if you do not need those big images at the top.

Try to carefully go through the portfolios here, you will find many interesting things here, I guess.
Just take the time and do not omit the 2nd, 3rd… 5th… etc. pages :yum:

I hope it helps…

“…who run in the same group…”

though I do not know what kind of group… I might have suggested something else if had known…

:smile: ~ I’d love to check your suggestions out, can’t wait to start my hunt back up.

Thank you

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You are welcome :wink: