Theme w/ Carousel Galleries w/ Click and Drag

I’ve been searching for many hours for a good theme to have horizontal carousels for a portfolio.

What I am searching for is similar to

But I need to have:

  1. Click and drag to scroll through images
  2. Free scroll (images stop when you stop moving/unclick the mouse, even in the middle of an image)

It would be nice to have mouse wheel scroll (but click and drag is the most important).


I’m pretty sure this theme can be one of the best:

Both two have same features.

Here there is some example on bottom of the page:
It can be easily updated for your need: full width and large item height. It’s simple to use but if you have problems I can create the page for you for about 15/20USD.

In short words you can show your portfolio post type items with a horizontal slider with right / left arrows and you can choose 8+ box styles and types.

Hi Pixor,

Thanks for the help, but I need a click and drag carousel (not a carousel used with the keyboard arrows).