Horizontal Portfolio w/ Click-and-Drag

I’m looking for a WordPress theme which has a horizontal portfolio, where you click-and-drag to look at the images. It’s important that there is no snapping after the cursor is released. Also, that there is some form of credit that you can add/display for each image.

Similar to…
…but full height of the monitor.

Kind regards.

Would be easier/cheaper if you purchase the theme and ask for customization
In case of interest, you can contact me:

Wouldn’t that be like $50 for the theme, and then another $50 for customization?

customization could be $1000 or $10 depend on your request

Hi there! Our new theme [KEO] (http://keo.webark.io/) may be of your interest. Check out this template http://keo.webark.io/photographer/ it has got what you’re looking for.