theme update

i had deactivated the plugin
then i received and email that there is an update for the theme
i reactivated the plugin but i do not see the theme update
is it because the plugin was deactivated when the theme update was released?

You need to update the theme manually if you haven’t installed/configured “Envato plugin”

my hosting provider had recommended that it be activated only during upgrades as it constantly performs update check requests which are delayed not only for the backend (admin), but also for customers when they use the website.

i have not received the update of the theme because the envato market plugin was deactivated

how can i receive it now that i reactivated it?

If you set-up the plugin with the API requirements, you should be able to receive the update message automatically.

i activated the plugin (that had been deactivated for some time)
i thought i would find the update here
but i found in in the envato tab of the dashboard
so everything ok

so if i have set up the plugin with the API requirements and then deactivate it and only reactivate it when i receive a message that there is an update i will still see the available update right?

after some time i also saw the available update under appearance> themes
i saw the update only in the parent theme not the child theme
is that right?