Theme rejected

I have uploaded a wordpress theme on friday by name of Estate Explorer can you please what reasons causes the rejection.

If it’s soft rejected item, you should’ve been given the details.
If it’s hard rejected, you should better share the URL so we can advice .

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i only get an email from themeforest for my theme is rejected here is the email have a look

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Estate Explorer - Real Estate WordPress Theme” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I just only want to know the reason so i can fix it and reupload my theme.

thank you

This is standard rejection message. It’s probably the design or the features ( or both ) not good enough to be sold as a premium item on ThemeForest.

If you share a demo link then you can get more specific feedback

Estate Explorer Real Estate WordPress Theme | Property Agent Website Demo this my product live demo but this theme is not live on themeforest yet

The concept is massively overdone and to a high standard

You have to compete to be approved so should be considering extended features, funtionaloty, pages, layouts etc.

The design basics and styling esp typography need improvement

The listings pages particularly could be improved beyond the single images and basic content

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We know it’s just a basic design but we want to upload our product on themeforest in minimum price and also give technical chat support and monthly updates for theme users. Our chat support will always available for our valuable customers.

Unfortunately there are many issues with that.,

  1. Envato is a premium marketplace so any item approved needs to reflect that standard in design and code

  2. Look at the ‘cheap’ competition - with respect you are no where near these in terms of design and features, so why would someone choose yours?
    Dlisting - Real Estate WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest or Javo House - Real Estate WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

If you were to sell any kind of significant number of copies this would very quickly become unmanagable

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There are some other themes also which i owns and they are working fine i just need to know the exact issue to make change and then upload

You can try and keep things quick and simple but there are basic standards that will need to be addressed and things have changed a lot on the years since your last submission.

You should look at the level of flexibility in the examples above and how/where you can add more pages, features and functionality.

The design will also need modernisation - right now there is very limited styling throughout and there will need to be improvement in typography and hierarchy in particular.

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I’ve been getting rejected tracks for five years. Until now I can do no more than two downloads per month. These are difficult tests for pride, but at some point, you understand that the guys from Evanto are reviewers - as if they were my consultants, they know a lot more, and they help me with the store so that I don’t fill the shelves with bad goods …
We need to work harder and understand that the reviewer has the main selection criterion - Commercial feasibility…

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Hello again, @charlie4282. I have a question to ask: If I improve the code quality by adding comments to each function and fixing the layout, as well as making some CSS adjustments, will I be able to upload this theme again?

Because it was hard rejected you need to make significant changes (to the extent of being almost like a new item) to be able to resubmit.

You can probably utilise some of the code and elements that you have but it needs to be more of a fresh start than just trying to tweak or bug fox what is there.