Theme rejected again

Can anyone tell me the rejecttion reason of theme review massage is “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again“

My theme url is

I am not getting why its is rejected


I have see your item design. Its not ready for Envato Themeforest Need to improve your item design quality. most of section are common.No uniqueness.
Improve your item design quality hope will approved



Actually in every section design is changed should i remove repeated section and add another section that you are saying without similiar to that section. Can you give example sothat i can understand more

With respect it doen’t really matter what you do to the theme, the issue is that this type of theme was made too many times, you need to come up without something new and original.

what i can new with this. I have put my all efforts whatever i will think it will exist in the portal.

Hey @SaraAlfred,

You can create new topic this is not right place to post your topic
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