Theme Licence can be istalled double time?

am freelance webdesign.
Form my client i purchase a Theme Kalium, normally i install theme before in my personale domain to built offline all site and after clone to the client domain, i want toknow if i need two licence for doing that.
Or is possible without buy two times

Get in touch with the author to ask him about it, as that depends on the theme:

theme license is unique. so, you will not be able to use the license (purchasecode) in more than one time. So, after completing the project in your own test domian you can migrate the work in your client domain. if after migration into your client domain(producttion website) theme ask to register the theme license then you must have to deregister the theme license from your test domian then you will be able to use the license (purchasecode) for your client domain(producttion website). If need any help then have to contact theme author. Thanks