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I have two questions:

  1. I have a Metronic Admin Template theme already, can i use the same theme for different application which will run on different domain (it would not be sub domain)
  2. If i buy a new theme then under which license i should buy that theme so that i could use that theme for different application which will run on different domains

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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Hello Bhagyashri,

The rule is simple: One item purchase per domain use. If you want to use the item on a 2nd domain this means you need to purchase the item once again.And so on.

Hi, Theme SLR

Thanks a lot for your reply. One thing i am not getting is that if i am having the same theme then what’s the need to purchase it again. I have already paid for this so it’s my asset now and I should be able to use this as many times as I want (Isn’t it?). The thing which sounds logical to me is I should not have authority to sell this theme to anyone else. Another silly question is If I will use the same theme for multiple domains so what will happen: My application on new domain will not work or I will stop getting updates for that theme or my current theme will stop working?

is there any sort of way by which we could use same theme on multiple domains?

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You’re not really buying the theme, you’re just buying a license to use it, and the license is one per website. That means it is illegal to use the same license for more than one website. A second website needs a second license.

Note that this license restriction is only for the present time, meaning if you remove the theme from one website, you can install it on a different website and use the same license. Just one website at any given time.

Many themes have license checks built in, so you won’t be able to activate it on more than one (and thus you won’t get updates or support for any extras either).

Hi, Baileyherbert

Thanks for detailed info.

What’s time limit for theme license? When does it expire and what will happen to current theme after license expiry?

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A license never expires, it’s a one-time charge and you can use it for as long as you want.

The only thing that expires is support, which comes included with the theme price for 6 months. This covers you if you ever run into an issue with the theme and need help from the author. After it expires, the price to renew support increases so be mindful of this, but renewal is totally optional and you can keep using the theme without it.

Ok thanks a ton. Everything is clear now. Have a nice days ahead.

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But if i uninstall the theme in my old domain and put it on my new domain? Can i do this?