Theme and plugin licensing

A little confused on Licensing. Have 2 Questions.

  1. I am creating a website a Wordpress multisite ( http// with 2 subdirectories (http// Can I use the the same theme I bought off ThemeForest on the Main site and one of the sub directories?
    2.My site will be part a membership site in which some parts will be required to view by membership which they can earn doing certain tasks or purchase points/credits. Will a regular license work? for a theme and plugins bought from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon?
  1. When it comes to subdirectories, the context in which how these subdirectories are being used needs to be considered to determine whether a single license applies. If all the subdirectories are designed to organize your content within one main site will consider that use as a single end product.
  2. If your customer will need to pay to access your website content then you will need to purchase extended license.
    Where Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you’ve licensed) is distributed for free.

OK… Then what about themes that have memberships within their theme that you must pay to get access to a certain course or jobs to get access to do certain things like upload a resume or make an ad like classified themes you need to pay to get access to those kinds of things. Whats the difference if I am making some of the content having to pay for a membership to gain access to parts of the content on my site? like classified, course or tutorials or courses? Sorry I just want to be clear on what I can and cannot do. Another thought what about plugins like a classified plugin that has membership area within that plugin that you buy on CodeCanyon and use it in a theme from ThemeForest, that plugin creates areas in that theme that you must pay for a subscription to gain access. Hopefully, you understand what I am asking!
The customer on my site wouldn’t need to pay to gain access to my site which would be free only parts of content/areas on the site would they need to have a subscription/ membership.

All membership site don’t require a fee to get access. But the main rule is that if need to pay to get access full/part of the website then will need extended license.

You can check details here: