License concerns

Hello everybody!
I have some concerns about a template I bought and I don’t know whether an extended license is needed. I am modifying the template and I am also adding back-end logic to it so that it fits my needs. The purpose is to create a platform which will require users to pay for a subscription to use the end product as it will offer them different functionalities and at the end, the end product will be public to any visitor. I also want to mention that the users paying the subscription will not have access to the source code in any manner and will only have their section on the website, so they will be paying for their “spot” on the website so like a multi-tenancy web application which won’t allow the user to view the code.

Regular license is fine.

Similar discussion is here from yesterday:

I’ve read it, but the last reply confused me a bit because in my case users have to pay for having access to their own category which is viewable by any other visitor without payment.

Regular license is fine