The same item is placed twice on Home page

There is the same item twice on Home page (2 authors has submitted the same item)

Now there is only one:

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Yes, it is removed one of them.

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Just wonder how its possible to appear same item 2x times (are you sure that was from another account)?

Yes - two authors, the same item. Only the title of the item was not the same. One is “Landing page …” and other was “One page …”.

It is still in search results -✓

Probably need some time to update that.

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Most probably is the same author on both profiles.

Maybe it is trying to trick the system and get 2x items in a row :slight_smile:

P.S: For me there is only one item in search.

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2 is better than 1 :smiley:

Yes, it is fixed now - only one item and probably it was from the same author (2 accounts)