Same item TWICE on the home page

Hello ! Our website is ready to be launched. But I have a big problem that prevents us from launching it : on the home page, an article appears twice. And if I put the site off line, another article will appear twice (always at the same place : third line from the top, first and second column from the right). Sometimes, even two articles will appear twice at the same time on the homepage. This prevents us from launching the site, which is currently offline. What can we do ? The theme is " Good Life" Thank you :slight_smile:

There is no theme called “Gold Life” on this marketplace. Are you sure you bought it here?

Looks like it could be ‘Good Life’ theme?

Yes, sorry, you’re right : it is GOOD LiFE, thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right : GOOD LIFE, not Gold Life :slight_smile:

@fuelthemes (the author) are one of the best on envato.

Reach out to their support and I am sure this is a simple fix.