Why is this 1 theme Twice on Homepage?

Look at the Frontpage there has an 1 theme inserted 2 times? Please check the Theme Logo. So strange and this kind of things are aprroved on Envato.

I think Envato should care for those kind of things.


Just think that the author doesn’t care about the Logo, if you click on preview, you will see those 2 items are different designs & template but same logo.
It seems two accounts belongs to one author. And this is allowed, I don’t think you only have one account, do you?
Possibly, this is one effective method to be exposured on Frontpage. Buyers will be a little curious to click and see how different the two is and At least it draws attention from @Themewaves and me :slight_smile:

I don’t have more account. But the Design is actually the same just few difference. So I learned Envato allow this :stuck_out_tongue: